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"Avery Road was our musical guest at Fredericksburg Wesleyan Church . God used them to bless our people and our large number of guests that day. Those in attendance that day were moved by their passion for God, touched by the power of their anointed original songs, and appreciative of their strong musical talents.  I enthusiastically endorse their ministry and urge you to invite to your church. We plan to have them back at ours!”
Pastor Brad Snyder - Fredericksburg Wesleyan Church - Fredericksburg, VA

"Avery Road combines the faithfulness of spirit-filled, God pleasing, talented men. Their music transcends generational divides to allow the audience to worship collectively. Singer/songwriter Jason Burton and Tim Wade and Dakota Owen will bless you and encourage you."
Joshua Cottrell- Director of Youth at Monumental Baptist Church-Petersburg, VA

"This is such a great song. It is written in such a way to draw you in as a listener and make you cheer in the end. I listened with tears in my eyes the first time I played it. I don't think there is another song on the radio at this time that carries a strong message of "life" as this does."
Mike Farley-Music Director at GOMIX Radio/WAGO 88.7FM-Greenville, NC about Avery Road’s first national single to radio, “She Knows”

"Wherever I go you guys will be on the top of my list to have. Not joking, Avery Road is my favorite band!"
Pastor Ray McDaniel-Abundant Life Fellowship-Pilot, VA

"Avery Road has brought together two great talents to deliver the gifted songwriting of Jason Burton in a unique and powerful way. Jason teams up with Tim Wade and Dakota Owen and the combination is fantastic. Our fellowship was blessed and inspired by the music and testimony of Avery Road."
Pastor Jim Burton-Community Christian Fellowship-Chesterfield, VA

“Just about every time I play “She Knows” we get a phone call about your song. I firmly believe many lives are being touched by that song....male and female alike.”
Bob Horstman-WTGN 97.7FM in Lima. OH

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Avery Road’s newest cd is entitled “Another Song”. That’s all they wanted. What began after a season of waiting on the Lord and seemingly many detours and potholes along the way has culminated with the release of their 2nd full length record in as many a 6 song Christmas CD snuck in there. “When we first started, we just went for it full on because we knew that God was in this and had called us for this time”, says Jason. “We hoped people would like our sound and enjoy the music, but as a new band, the response has been humbling”,admits Tim. Their very first concert ever as a band was in the little town of Green Bay, VA in Spring of 2015......

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